Crowd is new law in our Nation.

“We the people of India”, I think we all aware of this. It is preamble of our constitution which has given the emergence of power in the hands of people. It talks about indirect power through representatives.

But now I think we have started thinking that “we the people of India” are the ultimate power of the nation. Recent incidents of lynching by the mob all over the country make us think that where we are heading to. Is the existence of Law and Justice in danger in our nation? What are the feelings in minds of the participating fellows of that mob? Are they frustrated? Why they are not scared of anyone and not thought even single time before doing such inhuman acts? 

Recently six people were lynched in Jharkhand on doubt of Kidnapping. How easy today to gather people on the basis of rumours and how easy to spread those rumours easily. Local Intelligence units either not performing their duty properly or it is the failure of our administrative machinery which were seen handcuffed. People have no fear of action against them, how easily they attack on the forces. Those forces which are fighting against the Naxals on Red corridor and saving their lives without thinking about themselves.

Is it correct to blame the social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook for making the task of mob easy? It is the challenge in front of our legislators to bring out a balanced policy for social media.